Flyers License Plates - DE

Delaware Plates are now official!


  1. Complete the state form for Delaware
  2. Make a copy of your current drivers license and current vehicle registration.
  3. Mail all items to the address below, along with payment via check or credit card in the amount of $50 or $100 for a specific number (subject to availability)] to "Flyers Charities." To download a form for credit card payment, click here.
  4. Please allow 8-10 weeks to receive the customized plate.

*** Please disregard the $10 fee listed on the application.  Flyers Charities handles all  fees payable to the DMV.

Mail your payment, completed state form and a copy of your drivers license and vehicle registration to:

c/o DE License Plates
3601 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA  19148


If you have any other questions, please call 215-389-9426 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..